Your Personal Health Revolution Is Coming...

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The health technology evolution that is currently occuring has the potential to change everything; to become a revolution. Technology that used to just monitor, can now fundamentally change and improve, and in time it will totally transform our lives.

A new you, a better you. Heard it all before? This is different. Get ready to Sleep More, Stress Less and Perform Better. By 2020, 33 million wearables are set to be in use in the UK, tracking everything from activity levels and markers of stress, to the quality of your sleep. There will be smart watches, smart eyewear, smart clothing, fitness trackers and even implantable devices. They will have biofeedback and even neurofeedback capability. They will be able to measure, inform and then, most importantly, change the way that your body functions. They may be used alone or in combination.

A potential mine field you may say? How will you determine what is right for you. And what is not. Should you try to improve your sleep first, or target your stress?

This is where we come in. But first, why Health and Well-Being Technology? Because we need it is the short answer, we desperately need it.

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You are probably very familiar with the fact we need 7-8 hours of sleep to be healthy, as highlighted in numerous sleep studies. But nearly half of us are getting just six hours sleep or less a night. And an alarming four out of five of us complain of disturbed, inadequate or ‘toxic’ sleep. This is especially highlighted in the workplace, where the UK loses 200,000 working days a year due to sleep deprivation, at a cost of £40bn per year.

What about Stress?

According to a 2018 study by Forth, we worry most about money, work and our health. More than half of us (54%) worry about the impact this stress is having on our health. Over a third ( 37% ) of us in the UK feel stressed for at least one full day per week, and 85% of us regularly worry about something.

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And Performance?

Britain’s poor productivity record has been highlighted by recent government figures. They show that the biggest productivity gap has developed between us and other leading western economies since modern records began in the early 1990s. No wonder we feel frustrated with what we manage to achieve in an average day.

Perhaps more worrying though, is that one in four of the UK adult population are classed as physically inactive. So, the chances are very high that someone close to you falls into this category and into the Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO) high risk health category.

Over the last fifty years, our physical activity levels have declined by twenty per cent in the UK, and a further fifteen per cent drop is expected by 2030. Experts predict that if trends continue, by 2030 the average British person will use only twenty five per cent more energy than they would have done had they just spent the day in bed!

If you are lucky enough to sleep well, sucessfully manage all the stresses in your life, and still perform at your best when you need to, you are doing very well. And you are in a very small minority.

For the rest of us, at least one these three areas is likely to be a weakness. True, we might be putting up with it and getting by. But if you no longer have to, the question is why continue to?

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Why now?

It’s early days and not many people realise the scale of the potential. Because we are now seeing a shift from passive technology (monitoring) to active technology (change). Granted, it’s early days and not many people realise the scale of the potential. But the potential is HUGE.

If you care about your wellbeing; how you sleep, control stress and perform in life, this is your time to get ahead. A world is coming where we will be able to trust in our sleep, face the days challenges unfazed, and still be at our best right when we need to. This isn’t a pipe dream. This is the future of health technology. But the future is closer than you think. It won't be just for high flyers and jet setters either, it will be for anyone who wants to do more of what they already enjoy, and live a more rewarding life.

You may think we are exagerating or this isn't possible. Well, there's only one way to find out... Keep reading.

Why Well Professor?

Because this is what we do and you are to benefit, you will need someone to guide the way. Products are coming thick and fast, regulations are changing, and this is only the beginning. Someone has got to tell you which product you can trust to deliver, how to get the most out of it. Ultimately, someone has to help you ride the health and wellbeing technology wave, and get ahead of the pack.

That someone is us. We are Well Professor.

Samuel Maddock is a registered osteopath and health technology researcher. He has over a decade’s experience researching the latest innovations in health and wellness technology and consulting for health technology manufacturers to help improve product quality and effectiveness.