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Are you trying to lose weight? Do you carefully check the labels on the things you eat and drink? Are you concerned about the effect your weight is having on your health, family and relationships? If you are, you are certainly not alone. According to research by Kantar UK, 38% of us are trying to lose weight, and the worry of this is having a significant affect on the quality of our lives.

What we are about to tell you may just change all of that. Modius comes with big weight loss claims and great potential, but what does our independant academic expert Dr David Broome, who holds a PhD in appetite, make of it. Read on to find out...


What is Modius?

Modius is a headset device that uses neurotechnology to make dieting easier. It is the invention of Dr Jason McKeown, who is passionate about improving the quality of people’s lives through neurology and technology. He successfully launched Modius in August 2017. 

The Modius headset

Modius, what comes in the box

How does it work?

Modius works by sending a pulse to the Hypothalamus and brain stem. It does this in a non-invasive way by stimulating the vestibular nerve, which is found just underneath the skin behind the ear. Research has shown that stimulating this area of the brain can help reduce cravings, decrease appetite and improve sense of fullness following food. 

Benefits of Using Modius

With over 500,000 sessions completed, and a combined 23,680 lbs weight loss, Modius users have experienced a number of benefits. These include: 

  • Less snacking
  • Losing weight and keeping it off
  • Better adherence to diets 
  • Increased confidence
  • More energy
  • Improved sleep

Modius worn

The User Lab Test

Set up. Starting and setting up Modius was very easy. The first step is to charge the device, a simple process using the supplied USB cable. Whilst Modius is charging, you will need to download the app from the apple or play store. Once this is completed and the headset is charged, you need to pair it to your phone, which is simply achieved by opening the app and activating bluetooth on your phone. 

Once in the app you have to register an account with Modius. It will then take you through a series of video steps to show you how to complete the Modius set up. These steps are: 

  • Clean - Using the alcohol wipes to wipe behind the ears and clean the area where the pads are placed. 
  • Connect - This shows you how to connects the pads to Modius. 
  • Apply - How and where to correctly apply the pads to the area at the back of the ear.
  • Turn on - Press the power button on the Modius for 4 seconds and wait for the beep to indicate it is switched on.
  • Tune - Once Modius is switched on, the app searches for the device and connects the headset to your phone. This can take a little time to connect. Then, once connected, you are required to press the power button on the headset to confirm the connection.

Once Modius is connected to your phone, the app guides you though a practice test, which we found to be a great feature. You are able to try increasing and decreasing the power level, to give you an idea how it is supposed to feel and get you used to the mild swaying sensation that you will experience when Modius is working. Finally, when you are happy with how it works and how it feels, you simply press the ‘Done’ button and the app takes you through to the main menu page where you are able to use the app properly. Set up is now complete.

Ease of use. Modius is very easy to use, once the applicator pads are in the right place. The connecting cables are short and because of this, it is quite straightforward to put the pads in the correct position. Using the app is also very simple. It is well designed for ease of use with the headset. 

Using Modius. When increasing the intensity of the Modius impulses, you feel a small pinching type sensation where the pads are stuck to the skin. Increase the intensity further and you feel yourself swaying a bit; this becomes more intense with increases in intensity. You raise this intensity to a point where you feel the swaying but are comfortable with it. We found going up 6-7 initially was enough, but after a few minutes we were able to get to 10 which is intense but tolerable.

The App. The app is well laid out and looks very slick. We like the set process and the little videos included to show you where and how to apply the pads and use Modius. We think this is a really nice way to present the process and allow Modius to work properly. Displaying it in this way is simple to understand and easy follow.

The home screen is also clear and easy navigate. There is a calender section that allows to track your progress and see when and for how long you have used Modius. You can set the app to send you reminders to help motivate you to keep up with your weight loss.

There is a weight section to the app where  you can input your weight and track the changes over a period of time. There is also the ‘Modius Life’ section of the app. This is a very useful resource, with fellow Modius users asking and answering questions to trouble shooting any problems, or reporting benefits and improvements they have achieved using Modius. There is a lot of information in this section and it is very useful to learn more about Modius.

The Final page is your account page, which contains information about your account. Here you can activate session and weight reminders, Modius Life notifications, and access the getting started process and user manual. There is also a ‘Need Our Help’ section where you can send any questions you may have about the product or ask for advice. 

Build Quality. We must admit the overall build quality is not the best we've seen. The headset feels a bit flimsy and is constructed out of thin plastic with foam pads on the inside for comfort. Whilst this doesn’t give an impression of high quality like some other smart wearables on the market, it does make the device very light, and very comfortable to wear. And this is especially important if you are wearing Modius for an hour a day.

User Experience. Using Modius an interesting experience. The swaying sensation you feel when you switch it on and increase the intensity can initially be a bit off putting, but with continued use you do get used to it. 

Modius is very easy to use in that you just connect it to the app and off you go. During the short initial trial I have had with Modius, generally we can say there were changes in our eating habits, with a desire to eat less. On one of the days, we used it for half an hour following breakfast and didn’t feel hungry again until dinner time. Even then, we still felt satisfied we had enough food after eating a smaller meal than normal. Whether this was down to Modius or just a big breakfast, it’s hard to be certain. Modius is a very useful tool to help people reduce their weight. It has the potential to become a must have for those wishing to lose weight.  

Value for Money. Currently Modius is £347. Whilst this may seem a bit high, it is important to consider the cost of joining weight loss clubs that are often only temporarily successful, and require multiple courses. After all, Modius will always be there if you need it to help you on your way to weight loss.

The Modius mobile app

The Modius mobile app is slick & easy to follow

What the Experts Say?

“...with the provision of exercise regimes as well as dietary advice offered with the product it is very difficult to ascertain if it is Modius per se or other lifestyle choices that are causing the weight loss.  ...completion of the aforementioned clinical trial to provide data on the efficacy of Modius is very much needed to give me confidence of a true effect”

Dr David Broome, Sheffield Hallam University

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The Verdict…Well Professor?


  • Easy to use
  • Good app
  • Great potential to aid weight loss 


  • Needs more evidence of effectiveness 
  • Build quality could be better 
  • Price is a bit high

Modius is an interesting product, and it is has divided opinions here at Well Professor HQ. There is certainly a great demand for an effective weight loss device like Modius and we do believe it has the potential to be that product. Many users have reported great results and many more are likely to do so. However, at present we do feel there is a need for further evidence to back up its effectiveness. Modius has a clinical trial planned so we will watch this with great interest. A successful outcome here and Modius will become the must have for those seeking a successful weight loss journey. 

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  • ManufacturerNeurovalens Ltd
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  • Average review3.6

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