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Upgrade your sleep comfort with advanced foam technology

Unlike traditional memory foam Levitex doesn’t respond to heat, it responds to pressure. And the more pressure that is applied to Levitex foam, the firmer it becomes. So it is extremely supportive. 

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Levitex Mattress and Pillow
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  • Introduction
  • What is the Levitex Mattress?
  • The Levitex Pillow
  • The User Lab Test
  • The verdict... Well Professor?

This review covers an important aspect of sleep that we haven't yet featured here at Well Professor; why the right choice of mattress and pillow is essential for your health. But how do you make the right choice?

As a healthcare professional I get asked regularly about which is the best pillow or mattress available, and often the answer comes down to your personal preference such as whether you prefer a hard or soft bed. But the one thing I always advise is that the level of support has to help maintain a good sleep posture for your entire body. Because this will allow your body to relax properly in order to get a good night’s rest and feel fresh in the morning. It was when I was researching products that can do this, and that have academic research to support it, that I discovered what could be a revolution in foam technology; The Levitex foam mattress and pillow range.

Levitex bad back

Support and a good sleep posture can prevent a bad back & neck

What is the Levitex Mattress?

A lot of the leading mattresses on the market today are made with memory foam, but they are not like Levitex foam. This has very different properties. Traditional memory foam reacts to heat and deforms in response to this heat, which then softens the foam in the areas where you are lying allowing you to sink into the foam. Levitex doesn’t respond to heat, it responds to pressure. And the more pressure that is applied to Levitex foam, the firmer it becomes. So it is extremely supportive. It still returns to its normal state after you have been lying on it like traditional memory, so it also maintains it shape well. The Levitex foam secret is that when a gentle amount of pressure is applied, it is very soft and springy. Yet, when a greater pressure is applied, it firms up and provides greater support. This is a unique property in the memory foam world, and it is what makes Levitex stand out from the crowd.

So, after some background research into this special foam, I was intrigued and keen to put it to the test. I bought a mattress and some pillows to try. The delivery process was really easy and convenient, and I was kept informed of the delivery status throughout which was great. The mattress arrived vacuum packed in a large box, but was relatively straightforward to transport into the bedroom before opening it and allowing to expand to full size. The instructions do note at this point that you may want to let the mattress air for 24 hours before putting on your bed to allow any off gassing to take place, as is the case with all memory foam mattresses. There was a slight initial smell from the Levitex foam, but this settled in a couple of hours and was ready to go after its 24 hour airing.

Levitex mattress cut

Levitex foam mattress responds to pressure not heat

The Levitex Pillow

As well as the mattress, we also bought some Levitex pillows. The pillows come in different sizes and after being advised of the most appropriate pillow size for my stature and sleep position by James (the Levitex creator), I went for the XL whilst my wife got the large. We are both side sleepers, hence the larger sizes. There are smaller sizes for those who sleep on their backs. James informed me that they quickly realised that a one size fits all approach didn’t work for pillows, and so developed a range of sizes to choose from. Like the mattress, the Levitex pillow is incredibly comfortable. There is a lovely softness to it, but also good support for both the head and neck when lying on it. My wife has a chronic neck issue, and this pillow has helped reduce the level of her pain at night and in the mornings.

Levitex pillow cut

Levitex memory foam pillow comes in different sizes depending on your sleep position and stature

The User Lab Test

The Levitex mattress is 20cm deep and very comfortable to lie on. I could feel the firmness and support in the mattress straight away, and it made me realise just how soft and unsupportive my old mattress had become. I always advise my patients that if you have a new mattress it will take your body a good few months for it to adapt to, and this was no different. I had my previous mattress for 12 years, so it was going to take a bit of time to get used to the comfort and support of the Levitex mattress. having said that, at no point did the mattress feel uncomfortable, and I felt much better in the mornings than when sleeping on my old mattress.

The stats said my sleep had improved…

Steve Harper uses the latest in sleep tracking technology to see if the Lavitex mattress and pillow really imporve sleep.

To see if I really was experiencing better sleep thanks to the levity mattress, I checked the sleep data on my Dreem 2 sleep headset. The stats said my sleep had improved; it showed my sleep was less disturbed and I didn’t move around as much in my sleep compared to when I was on my old mattress. I also noticed after a few weeks that the back ache I used to get in the mornings was no longer there, and it hasn’t returned. If I turn in bed or move around it now doesn’t disturb my wife, which is a huge bonus for my continued longevity!

Both the pillow and the mattress seem very well made, with good quality materials. The outer cover for the mattress and pillows feels great to the touch too. I have now been using both the mattress and pillow for the past 4 months, and haven’t felt any deterioration in the foam or reduction in the level of support they provide. There are no dents or divots in the foam where we lie, and the foam is in as good a shape now as when we bought it. This shows the quality of the foam; I’ve known other pillows to develop soft spots or indentations when used in the same spot for a period of time. Given the quality, the price of the mattress and pillows is especially competitive and great value. The Levitex pillow retails for £70, and I’ve spent a lot more on pillows that aren’t half as good.

James L

James Leinhardt, founder & CEO of Levitex, will personally discuss with customers how to improve their sleep

There is also the opportunity to have a sleep consultation with James to discuss how to improve your sleep. This is a great service and he has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. I have recommended Levitex to some of my patients and they have been impressed with the consultations, advice they have received.  Their customer service is excellent too, and despite me bombarding them with questions via email or phone, nothing seemed to be too much trouble. Whenever I spoke to James or Olivia in the office, it seemed they are genuinely interested in helping to improve people’s sleep, not just to sell you something. This is a very refreshing approach.

Unlike some other mattress companies there isn’t a service to remove your old mattress. To me this is a very minor issue as it allowed us to make sure the Levitex mattress was right for us before we got rid of our old one.  I am aware that some companies use the mattress removal service to make sure you’re more likely to keep the new mattress, leaving you with limited options if you don’t like your new mattress. Some companies make it look like they are doing you a favour by taking your old mattress (for a fee of course) but it works very well for them, so be careful!

Levitex room

Levitex mattress & pillow are great options for the price

The verdict Well Professor?


  • Long term sleep comfort and support
  • Great quality mattress and pillow
  • Great customer service


  • May require a little time to get used to

My overall experience with Levitex has been a significantly positive one. It may take a bit of time to get used to using Levitex, but they are well worth sticking with as they provide just the right balance of comfort and support for a much better night’s sleep. Every night.

I highly recommend the Levitex foam mattress and pillow range to anyone who is looking to upgrade or improve their sleep, and experience the many health benefits that this can bring. In fact, I believe you won't find a better option for the price. 

  • Price From£70
  • ManufacturerLevitex UK
  • Buying optionsAvailable now
  • Average review4.7

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