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Increase your deep sleep time with QuietOn Ear Buds for Sleep

QuietOn's active noise cancellation technology allows you to take control of the environment around you, shut out the unwanted distractions, and enjoy better deep sleep.

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Quiet On sleep buds & case
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  • Introduction
  • What are QuietOn Ear Buds?
  • How Do QuietOn Ear Buds Work?
  • Why Active Noise Cancelling?
  • The User Lab Test
  • The Verdict...Well Professor?

How does an unwelcome noisy environment affect you? Distracting? Irritating? Stressful? What if you are trying to sleep? No need to answer. We’ve all been there, with an annoying or unpleasant noise disturbing our much needed rest. A one off is bad enough, but for many of us it is a persistent problem.

In fact, according to research we lose an incredible 84.1 million hours of sleep every week in the U.K. due to noise from neighbours.  With QuietOn ear buds for sleep you can control the environment around you, and shut out the world when you need to. You can sleep peacefully, despite the noisy neighbours and unwanted distractions. You hear nothing until it’s time to wake up, and that’s exactly how you want it.....

How does noise disrupt your sleep?

  1. Unwanted noise leads to frequent waking during the night and lowers sleep satisfaction. 
  2. Stressful sounds such as neighbours arguing or car alarms can cause sudden waking and a negative impact on your health. 
  3. Even if you are used to background noise at night and think you are sleeping well, you won’t be. You will be more restless, move frequently and the quality of your restorative deep sleep will suffer. 
  4. Noise is most likely to wake you during the second stage of Non-REM light sleep, which makes up about half of your total and night time sleep. 
  5. Disruptive night time noise can significantly affect your mental health and the health of your heart. 
Quiet on product shot with case

QueitOn Sleep: box, charging case & ear buds

When does noise become disruptive to sleep? 

According to World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, your annual average night exposure should not exceed 40 decibels (dB), which corresponds to the sound from a quiet street in a residential area. 

Sounds as low as 30 decibels can affect your sleep. But if you happen to live by a busy road your noise exposure will be more than double this level, at 70 dB. Somewhat worryingly in this case, the WHO guidelines also state that long-term average exposure to levels above 55 dB can trigger elevated blood pressure and heart attacks.

What are QuietOn Ear Buds for Sleep?

QuietOn Ear Buds use active noise cancelling technology to remove the noises that disturb your sleep, whether that’s noisy neighbours, outside traffic or a snoring partner. With QuietOn you can also travel in peace and block out the world around you allowing you to completely focus on the task at hand, wherever you may be. 

How do QuietOn Ear Buds Work? 

QuietOn Ear Buds use active noise cancelling technology to combat unwanted sound by adding another sound, specifically made to cancel it out. QuietOn achieves this by using a microphone to sample the sound, and a speaker to create a phase-shifted sound that cancels the original sound. QuietOn’s active noise cancelling feature can be easily switched on and off, so you can listen to the outside world when you want to, and shut it out when you don’t. 

Why Active Noise Cancelling?

Traditional earplugs use passive noise cancellation to limit the amount of sound entering the ear. Whilst they are good at blocking high-frequency sound, traditional earplugs struggle to reduce low-frequency sound. Such low-frequency sounds include aeroplane noise, and noise that comes through the walls of buildings. So when you use passive earplugs whilst travelling on an aeroplane , it will reduce the background chatter from other passengers but will have little to no effect on the noise coming from the airplane engine. This is similarly the case for background traffic noise. 

QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

QuietOn earplugs combine the advantages of in-ear passive earplugs with active noise cancelling technology to provide you with the optimum amount of noise reduction across the whole audible spectrum. QuietOn earplugs are most effective at cancelling the low frequency sounds that can be so disruptive, such as the sound of snoring, noisy neighbours and background traffic noise.

Quiet on lifestyle woman

We found QuietOn ear buds for sleep are comfortable to wear


Active noise cancelling. Active noise cancelling technology uses a combination of a sound sampling microphone with a speaker in order to create a sound to cancel out the original sound.

Noise masking. Noise masking devices play a sound to mask out the original sound instead of cancelling it. This is the technology that was chosen by Bose in their recent Sleep Buds. Unfortunately, after persistent battery charging issues, Bose have now withdrawn their sleep buds. We still got our hands on a pair to test and the comparison between the two approaches to sleep bud technology is certainly interesting. Were we impressed with the Bose Sleep Buds? We’ll certainly be discussing this in a future blog post. 

Quiet On woman sleeping

QuietOn Sleep buds cancel out noises, including snoring

The Lab User Test:

Set up and Ease of use: Of all the products we’ve tested these have to be the easiest to set up and get going with. Rather unusually for today’s technology, the QuietOn Sleep Buds don’t have an accompanying app so there are no download or connection issues to worry about. Unlike Bose Sleep buds, they also aren’t transmitting Bluetooth signals into your ears all night. 

The QuietOn Ear Buds are a very simple plug and play device, which is quite refreshing to see these days. Once you put them in your ears there is a passive reduction of noise, achieved by just having the earpieces in your ears. There is a very small button on the QuietOn Sleep that activates/deactivates the noise cancelling mode of the earpieces. There are no lights or indicators on them to show which mode you are in, so to test it you simply click your fingers next to your ear and determine if you can hear it or not. If you can hear it, press the button again and click your fingers again, if they are in noise cancelling mode the sound will be gone. This is really as complicated as it gets with QuietOn. No apps, no Bluetooth, just a simple button. And I for we really like them for their simplicity.

App. There isn’t one, and that’s great!

Build Quality: The build quality of the QuietOn Ear Buds is reasonable. The main component is made of plastic with foam earpieces. They feel well made but there aren’t any frills with this device, it just does what you want it to do.

User Experience: Our overall experience with using the Quiet On Ear Buds has been a very positive one. The noise cancelling technology is good, and it works well. It is a very odd feeling when you first use the earpieces with the noise cancelling activated, as it successfully removes all ambient sounds and places you in total silence. But it is easy to get used to. Getting to sleep is easy with the earpieces in too. There is the occasional issue with the earbuds staying in place during the night, but they are comfortable to wear and they don’t hurt your ears when lying on your side.

The QuietOn Sleep are a great product overall and the noice cancellation is very effective. Sleeping with the earbuds in is easy, so getting a good night’s sleep is not a problem. One of our wives reports that when she uses them, she is completely undisturbed by snoring, bonus.

The QuietOn’s can be used in many different environments and situations not just for sleep. If you happen to work in a noisy office or travel regularly on a plane, they are your ideal and exceptionally easy to use companion.

My overall experience with using the Quiet On Ear Buds for Sleep has been a very positive one. The noise cancelling technology is good, and it works well.” 

Steve Harper, Well Professor Tech Guru...

Quiet on man on laptop

QuietOn ear buds can also be used to focus and block out the world around you

The Verdict...Well Professor?


  • Exceptionally Easy To Use
  • Effective Noise Cancellation Whenever You Need It
  • No Bluetooth Signal To Disrupt Your Sleep


  • Occasional In-Ear Fit Issues

QuietOn Ear Buds for Sleep are now the front runners when it comes to the world of noice reduction for sleep. But make no mistake, they are very much there on merit not by default. There are many things we like about QuietOn. They are the easiest product to use that we have ever tested and they block out sound effectively with no fuss. We especially like the fact they don’t use Bluetooth, which in our Well Professor opinion is crucial for a truly effective sleep device.

The QuietOn Ear Buds are not quite perfect but they are still very good indeed at what they do. Take control of your sleep environment, block out the unwanted distractions and protect your long term health in the process. Get QuietOn today.

  • Price From£159
  • ManufacturerQuietOn Ltd
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  • Average review4.5

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