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The smart earpiece that uses sound recognition and bone conduction technology to subconsciously adjust breathing and reduce snoring. The Snore Circle ear piece is the best anti-snoring device available in the UK. It is discrete, and it has been designed to go about correcting your snoring without disturbing your sleep.

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Snore Circle
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  • Introduction
  • What Health Probelms Are Caused By Snoring?
  • How To Stop Your Snoring
  • What Is Snore Circle?
  • The Lab User Test
  • The Verdict...Well Professor?

Believe it or not, snoring affects 30 million of us in the UK. That's 15 million snorers and 15 million more affected by snorers. More men than women snore, and men are also louder snorers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, snoring ruins relationships. A lot of them.

In fact, research shows that 22% of those with a snoring partner have resorted to sleeping in a separate room, citing the disruption in their own sleep as the reason. If you snore, and you are lucky enough to still have a partner, they will likely have told you more than once that your snoring is a big problem for them. Even if it isn't for you... But, if you value your relationship, you'll want to read on.

We've been on the hunt for the best anti snoring device in the UK. The criteria we set was that it had to be easily affordable, comfortable to wear, discrete in design and of course, effective.  Our experts have scoured the market and come up with such a product.

Introducing Snore Circle. It really can save your relationship. In a moment we will take a look at how Snore Circle works and why it can help you. But first, let's take a brief look at why we snore, and some of the problems it can cause.

Why do people snore?

Snoring is caused by vibration of tissue in the throat and nose as we breathe. People who snore often have too much tissue here which partially blocks the airway and makes it prone to vibration and the familiar sound of snoring.

What health problems are caused by snoring? 

Occasional snoring is not usually a problem for your health, other than the consequences of severely upsetting your partner. However, habitual snoring is very different and can pose a serious risk to your health. One such problem is obstructive sleep apnea which can cause long interruptions of breathing, frequent interruptions of sleep, failure to reach deep sleep, strain on the heart, headaches, obesity and fatigue. The list goes on.

If you experience regular disruption of your sleep due to snoring it is wise to consult your doctor as you may be suffering from sleep apnea.

How to stop your snoring

There are many anti-snoring products available on the market and we've researched and tested a lot of them. Some involve chin straps, others feature mouth guards or devices to place in your nose. Many are uncomfortable or impractical to wear and actually end up disturbing your sleep even more than the snoring. But snore Circle is different. And here's why.

Man sleeping with Snore Circle on

Snore Circle is an earpiece worn when sleeping

What is Snore Circle

Snore Circle products detect and corrects your snoring seamlessly. There are three versions of Snore Circle available, including the war piece, eye mask and EMS device. We've researched and tested them and in our opinion, the ear piece is the best anti-snoring device available in the UK. It is discrete, and it has been designed to go about correcting your snoring without disturbing your sleep.

How does Snore Circle work?

The Snore Circle ear piece detects your snoring using advanced sound recognition and bone conduction technology. Because it sits on your ear, this means as soon as you begin snoring it detects it. Then, using 54 possible levels of vibration, it gently but effectively prompts you to subconsciously adjust your breathing, stopping your snoring in the process. Whilst this detection and correction process is not unique to Snore Circle, what sets it apart from its competitors is the fact it really does work.

Some products also detect the sound of snoring, but are prone to react to other noises too. Others stimulate you to correct your snoring, but wake you up in the process. Snore Circle gets this balance just right. And with continued use, your body adapts to the way Snore Circle works and you naturally begin to snore less. Our resident tech expert, Steve Harper, put it to the test. And he became quite a fan of the Snore Circle ear piece.

Snore circle

The Snore Circle smart earpiece

The Lab User Test

Set up. Set up was easy, it is charged by a standard USB cable and then connects to the snore circle app via Bluetooth. The app recognised the earpiece quickly and easily and it was good to go in no time.

Ease of use. The ear piece is simple to fit to the ear, with the little silicone ear piece able to swivel to easily adapt to either ear. Once the earpiece is connected to the app you can then turn the Bluetooth off on your phone as the device records and stores your sleep data, which you can then download to the app in the morning.

App. The app is clean and looks good. Once you have downloaded the sleep data from the night before, it gives you a sleep score. The app shows which times during the night it was activated and the for how long it had to work, along with its success rate at stopping the snoring. So, there's a good degree of useful information in the app and it is clearly displayed, letting you know how you have slept the night before and exactly what happened with your snoring.

Build quality. The build quality is very good. It feels solid and very well made, which is a nice change for this sort of product. There has clearly been a great deal of work on design and the quality of components, and it shows. The box looks good and is made of quality packaging. The design of the box and the unpacking experience gives you confidence in the product before you even begin using it.

User experience. My general user experience of the snore circle was very good. It is easy to get in the ear and after a short period of adaptation, it was comfortable to wear. Most of the time I was completely unaware of when the noise or vibration was activated and it doesn't disturb your sleep at all. I was able to experience an uninterrupted nights sleep, and wake up refreshed.

This certainly was a great device for my wife - she reported much better sleep herself because the Snore Circle stopped me snoring. She was impressed with how quickly it worked, as from the very first night of using it, it made a difference.

Steve Harper, Well Professor Tech Guru

The Verdict...Well Professor?


  • Detects And Corrects Snoring Without Waking You Up
  • Great Value For Money
  • Well Made


  • Can Be A Bit Uncomfortable To Wear At First

Snoring is a big problem for many, and brings misery to couples all around the globe. For this reason, we've spent some serious time tracking down the best anti-snoring device for you to use. The Snore Circle ear piece is that product and we feel it is great value for money. Then again, it is hard to put a value on your sleep. Or your relationship!

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