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Touchpoints for Sleep, a truly versatile sleep aid for the whole family, backed by extensive research. The technology within TouchPoints uses gentle, alternating micro-vibrations to calm you down and quickly get your brain into sleep mode. 

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Touchpoints For Sleep
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  • How Do Touchpoints For Sleep Work?
  • How To Use Touchpoints For Sleep
  • The User Lab Test
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  • The Verdict...Well Professor?

You are staring into the bathroom mirror, bleary eyed. You hope those delightful bags under your eyes will be less noticeable after a hot shower. You are beyond tired. You console yourself that you are doing the best job you can as a parent but you can’t help wondering. Just how long will this last?

Well, we can answer that one, and it’s not great news. Newly published research suggests it will last for six years! Such is the effect of becoming a parent and having young children. The cause for your disrupted sleep may well be your children, or they may have finally settled down at night, leaving you to pick up the pieces. Having trained yourself to sleep on the edge, anticipating the cries and calls that arrive inevitably but unpredictability during any given night, the restful sleep that you used to rely on is now a distant memory. You may manage to fall asleep out of exhaustion but now, infuriatingly, you find yourself waking in the middle of the night. And your children are blissfully unaware. 

This is why we are particularly excited about Touchpoints for Sleep. You see, it doesn’t matter if it is you, your children, or your entire family who are suffering with poor sleep, it can really help all of you. Touchpoints for Sleep are a truly versatile sleep aid and our independent academic expert, Dr David Broome, has approved the extensive research behind their development. You can read his Lab report below. 

Touchpoints for Sleep packaging

How Do Touchpoints for Sleep work?

TouchPoints for Sleep help overcome the two most common sleep issues that your family will experience; difficulty falling asleep at night, and difficultly getting back to sleep after waking during the night. 

The technology within TouchPoints uses gentle, alternating micro-vibrations to calm you down and quickly get your brain into sleep mode. 

Touchpoints for Sleep work in the same way as Touchpoints for Calm. Using patent pending BLAST (Bilateral, Alternating, Stimulation, Tactile) technology, Touchpoints for Sleep are worn on either side on the body, such as the wrists or ankles. They work using adjustable vibrations, known as BLAST (Bilateral, Alternating, Stimulation, Tactile) to gently stimulate alternate sides of your body to alter the function of your brain, calming it down and preparing you for sleep. Touchpoints for Sleep are backed by decades of scientific research, and they are effective. Case studies show Touchpoints for Sleep can help you get to sleep in just fifteen minutes, and reduce the frequency of waking during the night by 80%. 

The device slides in to the sweatbands, worn on each wrist

How to use Touchpoints for Sleep

If you experience difficulty falling asleep, simply place your TouchPoints on your wrists or ankles, inside the Touchpoints sweatbands, 15 minutes before you go to bed. Then, when you start to feel drowsy, switch them off and drift into a restful sleep. By the way, if you fall asleep with the Touchpoints still on, this is fine too. 

If you then wake (or are awoken by a little person) in the middle of the night and you cannot get back to sleep, simply choose your Touchpoints setting (most people prefer Blue), and use as before until you are ready to drift off again. 

Who’s behind It?

Touchpoints for Sleep were invented by neurophysiologist Dr Amy Serin after a decade of research in her field. Following successful trials to demonstrate effectivness of the Touchpoints product family, and with the backing of existing neuroscience research, Touchpoints for Sleep were launched.

The User Lab Test

I found them especially effective when trying to get back to sleep after waking.

Steve Harper, Well Professor Tech Guru

Set up: The initial set up of the Touchpoints for Sleep is very easy, like. They need charging before you can set them up but this is very simple with the use of a double wired USB charging cable that is supplied in the box. Initially, when they are first plugged in, a red light will come on. When the light goes out this indicates they are fully charged and ready to use. 

The Touchpoints for Sleep come as a pair, so one for each side of the body. When you start using them, you simply switch on the ‘Lead’ unit, and the second unit then becomes the ‘Follower’ unit. These roles are chosen each time you switch on the first Touchpoints for Sleep unit, so it’s not a permanent assignment that you have to remember each time you use them. 

To activate a ‘Lead’ unit, you have to press the button on the device twice and a blue light will come on. When you switch on the ‘Follower’ unit, you will need to point the lights on each unit at each other,  and then press the ‘Follower’ unit on button. The light will then match that of the lead unit and the two will begin alternate vibrating to show they are paired with each other. The Touchpoints for Sleep settings can then be changed by pressing the button on the Lead unit while the lights are facing each other. This will change the colour of the light on each unit.

  • Blue= Sleep/Meditation

  • Yellow= Calm/Focus
  • Purple= Anger/Irritability

The Touchpoints for Sleep are supplied with comfortable zippered sweatbands, specifically designed to be worn on each wrist in bed. They then alternately vibrate, preparing you for a state of restful sleep. Whilst there are the same available settings as the Touchpoints for Calm, Touchpoints for Sleep are supplied with comfortable sweatbands which are specifically designed to be worn in bed. Most people find the Blue setting ideal for sleep preparation. But if you are particularly wound up, select the Yellow setting until you start to feel calm, then switch to Blue. 

When turning the units off make sure the lights are not facing each other and press the power button on the top until you see the green lights on the units, these will then disappear as the units shut down.

Ease of use: The Touchpoints for Sleep are convenient and very easy to use. The sweatbands do a good job of keeping the units in place, and fit snugly on the wrist. During our Lab test, I found them especially effective when trying to get back to sleep after waking. (We all have young children at Well Professor!). 

Build quality: The Touchpoints for Sleep units are reasonably well made but they are a very basic design. That being said, the last thing you want at night is a complicated device that is fiddly and time consuming to operate. They are anything but this, and they are very effective which is the whole point.

Touchpoints for Sleep sweat bands & devices

What The Experts Say

“The claims and benefits of Touchpoints are supported by specific product testing by academics."

Dr David Broom, Sheffield Hallam University.

Read the lab report


The Verdict...Well Professor?


  • Easy To Use
  • Comfortable To Wear
  • Great Quality Sleep For The Entire Family
  • Backed By Extensive Academic Research


  • Basic Design
  • No App

Touchpoints for Sleep are exactly what you need if your family are sleep deprived. They are exceptionally easy to use, and impressively effective. If you are a parent desperately searching for a way to rediscover your sleep, you need look no further.

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